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  • Cotton Dosa

    Cotton Dosa

    I like to try new recipes of dosa’s as it is a staple of  G.S.B’s . Cotton dosa or Kapsa...

  • Butter beans and Bibbe humman

    Butter beans and Bibbe humman

    Humman is a traditional G.S.B curry flavoured with asafoetida/hing. Basically Humman is prepared spi...

  • Ragda Patties

    Ragda Patties

    This is the second recipe of Ragda Patties I’m sharing in the space. Last time I had shared th...

  • Kulitha Koddel /Horsegram gram curry

    Kulitha Koddel /Horsegram gram curry

    Hello dear readers! I’m back after a long break. Today I will share the recipe of Kulitha Kodd...

  • Palak  dosa

    Palak dosa

    This dosa can be prepared with any ‘Masala Dosa’ batter. This is in popular demand at ou...

Wheat thin crackers


Christmas is just over but I am still in the festive mood. Baking is my passion and I love to learn and experiment new recipes. I had tried this recipe sometime back and thought of sharing it today. A very easy peasy recipe and a must try bake. I found this recipe in a baking guild and I saved the ... Read More »

Caramel Custard


This one particular beautiful dessert which is liked by most of them and disliked by me is one which I hadn’t attempted to try until few days back  as I don’t like eggy desserts where as for cakes its an exception. As I have shared with you’ ll earlier though I eat eggs , like I love egg curry and various egg ... Read More »

Eggless banana wheat bread


As promised I’m sharing my first baked recipe for this Christmas . I have prepared this bread which tastes like a cake several times. Yes, you heard it right. This tastes more like a cake to me than a bread. This is one of the easiest bake and can be served with the breakfast too. Whenever there is surplus over ... Read More »

Kadgi Phodi /Raw Jackfruit fritters


Kadgi is raw jackfruit and phodi means fritters and together it is called as Jackfruit Fritters. This is a traditional G.S.B dish and is prepared in every Konkani/ Amchi household. I’m really surprised how I missed posting this recipe. This is prepared with raw jackfruit . I like to make the fritters when the jackfruit has developed tender seeds as it ... Read More »

Groundnut chutney


I have already posted the recipe of groundnut chutney along with the pundi recipe but I thought of making a separate post of the same. This chutney compliments well with Pundi and dosas. Stay tuned for more interesting recipes ! Ingredients: Roasted skinless groundnut – 1 cup Long red chilly – 2-3 Tamarind – pinch Garlic – 5 cloves Onion ... Read More »



Pundi is another version of our very own  Undi/ Oondi. But this is prepared without coconut. This is a all time favourite at our place especially kids love this very much. The preparation is very simple . December is one of my favourite month of the year as I love Christmas and baking . I had thought of sharing a ... Read More »

Instant poha Idli


I have prepared this idli number of times that I have lost the count. I had thought I had already shared the recipe in the space. I realized it recently when I put the recipe in search and could not find it. And finally found the pictures in the folder and I thought of sharing this jhatpat recipe as soon ... Read More »

Sagoo Murukku


I like to try interesting recipes especially Chaklis and Murukkus. This time I came across Sagoo murukku. It looked so interesting that I thought of trying it. And the result was  successful. I made 2 batches of the same. Second time I doubled the quantity, so totally I made 3 batches. The murukkus turned crisp and light just perfect for the ... Read More »

Raja Gobboru


Diwali is the only festival where G.S.B’ s are allowed to eat fish after the oil bath or ‘Ganga Snaan’ on the day of Dhanteras that is on day 1 of Diwali . So I thought of sharing this recipe of ‘Raja Gobboru’ which I had tried sometime back. Amma had visited this relative of ours named Shyamala akka . ... Read More »



Yesterday I shared the recipe of badam burfi which was a sweet and today thought of sharing a namkeen recipe. I tried Thattai for the first time and it was successful . I was very nervous to prepare it but gradually I loved making the procedures. It is very easy if we follow the proper proportion or texture for some ... Read More »