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Srilankan coconut thippi

This snack is something new to me . I saw this  in  Instagram for the first time and then in Raks kitchen. I prepared both spicy and sweet version. I have never tasted this snack earlier so I’m not sure how the texture is. The sweet version is called as ‘Seepu Seedai ‘ which I came across in Raks Kitchen ... Read More »

Rang Pai Poha Chutney

Rang Pai poha chutney is a popular Mangalorean dish . I recently came to know about this dish through my friends MB and CK. MB had shared it in the group  and CK was Nostalgic about the dish. MB was generous enough to share the recipe with us. Ck also  called her Amma and confirmed the procedure of the recipe ... Read More »

Moong dal and huri kadle chakli, Diwali #20k17

Hello dear readers! I have already shared 3 sweet recipe’s for Diwali 20k17 . Its high time to share a namkeen recipe. This year I tried Moong dal and fried gram chakli. I have various chakli recipe’s in the space. Each recipe is keeper . Happy Diwali cooking dear readers !! Stay tuned for more recipes!!   Ingredients: Moong dal ... Read More »

Dharwad Peda, Diwali special

This is the 3rd sweet recipe of  Diwali #20k17 . Dharwad peda is a popular Indian sweet which is famous in Karnataka. It is originated from Dharwad. To know more about this sweet you may check Wiki . This is a very easy recipe and the taste matches almost to the original . Stay tuned for Namkeens!! Ingredients: Khoya/ Khoa – 200 ... Read More »

Milk powder burfi

Diwali is around the corner and this is the 2nd sweet I tried for this Diwali #20k17, ‘Milk powder burfi’.  This is a very easy recipe where you don’t have to make sugar syrup and check string consistency and all. Recently I tried a burfi from a very good blog but I failed to hook it. Infact I watched the ... Read More »

Kaju watermelon,Diwali special

I tried a fancy sweet called ‘Kaju Watermelon’ for this Diwali. They looked very attractive and tasted good too.  I followed the recipe  in you tube video named as  ‘Food Connection’ .This burfi is cashewnut based and tasted like kaju burfi. I used gel colours to colour the balls. Those who don’t prefer the colour may just coat it with ... Read More »

Poached egg curry

Whenever I make Amma’s Motte Randai and there is gravy leftover I make this dish. This dish is a real savior. Amma’s late elder sister,my aunt whom we kids  called  ‘Maav’ taught us to make this dish. She was such a wonderful cook. She was the one who taught  us to eat chicken. I have shared some of her recipes ... Read More »

Karathe Ambade ghashi

This is a traditional g.s.b curry which I’m going to share here today. Amma prepares the best Karathe ambade  ghashi. Karathe means bittergourd and ambade means hog plums. I disliked this curry back then as I was a fussy eater .But now I eat everything . This is a mild bland gravy with mixture of all taste like sweet,sour and ... Read More »

Instant Bisi Bele Bath

Bisi bele bath or BBB is a popular South Indian dish. I have already shared the traditional recipe in the space. This time I tried instant recipe . It came out equally good just like  traditional recipe. BBB has been my favourite since childhood days but here at my place they don’t prefer it much . As usual I made ... Read More »

Bunt Bomb / Egg Roast

This is an easy peasy recipe you can make anytime. There are days I feel lazy to cook and this was on one such day I tried this recipe which I had noted from Shilpa Shetty’s video. All liked it at our place. Not to forget to mention my sister Durga also prepares an egg dish similarly. I had tasted ... Read More »