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Kele kachri/ Kerala banana chips

Hello dear readers! Today I will share one more traditional family  recipe of ours.’ Nendrabale kele chips’ takes me back to my childhood days. Aayi would make it often and it was my favourite view to watch her make the chips. I loved the preparation part over eating the chips. Definitely the chips would be melt in mouth  and tasted ... Read More »

Koddai alle piyava ghashi/ Croaker fish curry

Hello dear readers! Today I will share a traditional g.s.b fish curry recipe called ‘Koddai alle piyava ghashi’. Koddai means croaker fish . This is a ginger and onion flavoured fish curry. I have already shared the recipe in the space which was prepared with other fish. Koddai is a very tasty fish and is very healthy too. This curry ... Read More »

Tendle talasini/ Ivy gourd stir fry

Hello dear readers! Today I will share a recipe from our g.s.b cuisine. It is called as tendle talasini. Talasini is flavoured with garlic. Tendle means ‘ivy gourd’ .This is one of my personal favourite . I love it when it is roasted well or even slightly burnt. Usually this dish is cooked and roasted in oil. We also prepare  ... Read More »

Moong Kosumbari/ Kosambari

Hello dear readers! Today I will a share a healthy recipe of kosumbari. This makes a great recipe for health conscious people, which can also watch their health with the use of natural supplements from sites as Kosambari is often served during Brahmin functions. They are experts in making different types of Kosamabari. Usually they prepare it with raw ... Read More »

Mexican rice

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share an old family recipe which I specially searched from my handwritten recipe book to share in the space. It is almost 2 decades old. I  found the picture of the dish in one of my folder. I will replace the picture soon as and when I prepare. This rice is one of ... Read More »

Tinda Upkari

Tinda is mostly commonly found in North India and is a staple of many. Tinda resembles like baby pumpkin. I was first introduced to this vegetable by my sister Shanta Nayak more than a decade back. And it has become a favourite of all since then. Amma prepares this in Konkani style upkari /sabzi /stir fry which is everyone’s favourite ... Read More »

Andhra style Mavinakayi chitranna/ Raw mango rice/ #2

Hello dear readers! Today I will share Andhra style raw mango rice. ‘Mavinakayi’ means raw mango. This is again Nandini akka’s recipe. I just love her recipe’s since it is always full proof. If you love tangy taste and love chitranna then this is a must try recipe. Chitranna is the most popular breakfast in Bangalore. My daughter loves raw ... Read More »

Tuppa dosa, #3

Hello dear readers ! Today I’m going to share the 3rd recipe of “Tuppa dosa” in the space. I had tried this recently and it came out very good. Dosa’s are staple of G.s.b’s  and I love to try new recipe’s… Most important tip of this dosa is use ghee to smear it.  Recipe credit : Kinis kitchen Ingredients: Rice ... Read More »

Purple cabbage raita/kachumbar/kosumbari

Hello dear readers! Today I will share a healthy recipe of raita made out of purple cabbage which is perfect for anyone into a fitness program and they can also use the Rapid tone supplement to improve muscle grow. This raita is one of my personal favourite. I first tasted this at Amma’s place as they prepare it often. This  ... Read More »

Katharine Hepburn’s Brownies

Hello dear readers! Its been a long time since I shared any cake / brownie recipe. So today I will share a fantastic brownie recipe which I had tried sometime back. I came across the recipe in Divya’s blog and seen it in her insta feeds several times and I was tempted to try it. It came out perfect and ... Read More »