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Chibbada Harshyale,Musk melon in coconut milk

Chibbada Harshyale is a popular sweet dish of the G.S.B’s.Chibbad means Muskmelon.There are different varieties of Muskmelon like Honeydew,Cantaloupe etc.You may prepare this dish with any of them.Best prepared with the soft varieties..Few days back we had a Swedish couple for dinner and I had prepared some Amchi delicacies like Bibbe Upkari,Ambe upkari and  I prepared this as the the ... Read More »

Rice kheer

This is a quick version of Rice Kheer. I prepared this on my better half’s birthday last week.I had condensed milk in my pantry and there was cooked basmathi rice ready as we consume the same daily. I adapted shortcut this time after all those Diwali sweets hangover.You may also add vermicelli or cooked tapioca pearls as a combination with this kheer. Can be ... Read More »

Cheppi Kheeri,A bland dessert

Cheppi Kheeri is a bland Kheer and is sugarless.This is prepared on festive occasions like Nagar Panchami and Gowri Pooja.As a kid I wasn’t enjoying this dish much but now this is one of my favourite. The aroma of the  turmeric leaves is infused very well in the Kheer and it is one of the main ingredient. Ingredients:Basmathi rice-1 cupCoconut extract(milk)-2 cups(thick)+1 cup thin ... Read More »

Sabudana kheer

Today is Krishna Janmashtami,birthday of Lord Krishna and is celebrated all over India. My favourite part during this festival is Mosuru Kudike or Dahi Handi or Govinda where clay pots filled with coloured water(originally it was curds),eatables are hung in heights to a wooden pole or rope and young boys break it by making a human pyramid in memory of ... Read More »

Haldi paanha Patholi,Turmeric leaf steamed dumpling with stepwise pictures,Monsoon special, Nagarpanchami special

Haldi Paanha Patholi is a steamed dish prepared in Turmeric leaves. Haldi paan means turmeric leaves. Normally it is prepared on special occasions like  Nagar panchami, Gowri Pooja and Ganesh Chaturthi..The outer layer of the dumpling is prepared with the rice batter and the filling is done with the grated coconut and jaggery mixture which we call as “Churn” in Konkani. When the steaming ... Read More »

Carrot Kheer

Carrot Kheer,the name itself sounds so yummy.This was in my list since a long time and I had bookmarked few recipes in the recipe book and had forgotten completely.Today in the food group after I saw Asha Satish Phillar Mayi’s post I could not resist and prepared it immediately.I added custard powder to get a thicker consistency as aunty had ... Read More »

Mawa Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is one of the most popular Indian Dessert. Gulab means rose and jamun means fruit.Twist here is, no fruit is used,since it is shaped like the fruit Jamun it it called so.Originally the syrup is prepared with the rose flavour so it is named as Gulab,but normally we prepare the sugar syrup flavored with cardamom or saffron ….This was always in my ... Read More »

Ponsa Gharai(Jackfruit Kheer),Ashad special

Today is one of the auspicious day for the GSB’s known as Ashad Ekdashi.Ekdashi is the eleventh day of the fortnight after the full moon.Don’t know much about the same.Many vegetarian delicacies are prepared on this  special day like Gajbhaje(preparation made with colocasia leaves and  assorted veggies like Bamboo,chana,yam,hogplum etc),Gharai and many more.For breakfast usually Khotto or Khottige is prepared(Steamed ... Read More »


Here’s Wishing everyone Happy Ugadi with this ‘Madgane’ post.Madgane is a dessert prepared with roasted Bengal gram dal.This is the traditional recipe of the GSB’s where most of them prepare this dessert on this auspicious occasion.I have already posted information on how we celebrate our new year that is on Ugadi yesterday,so you’ll might have got an idea on how ... Read More »


King of fruits, Mango is in season now and when we have a stock of Factory grown mangoes we can prepare varieties of delicacies.I prepared Aamras with few,Mango milkshake,Aaam ka panna with the raw mangoes,Mango milk candy etc.Preparing it in the house is so much of fun and healthy too.Aam means Mango and ras means Mango juice.The best combo with ... Read More »