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White sauce

White sauce reminds me of pasta.We all are pasta lovers here including Amma but except hubby dear.We like pasta in any form.But with white sauce,the choice is always at the top.White sauce is the main ingredient in the Italian cuisine.White sauce is also known as Bechamel sauce.I prepare this sauce often when I prepare Lasagne or Penne.

All purpose flour-3 tsp
Milk-2 cups
Butter- 2 tbsp
Parsley-1/4 tsp
Chilly flakes-1/4 tsp approx
Oregano-1/2 tsp
Cheese cube-1,grated


  1. Take a pan,heat butter,once the butter is melted add chopped garlic and saute it for a second.
  2. Add maida and roast it until you get a nice aroma.
  3. Add milk,take a boil stirring continuously.
  4. Add all the herbs,salt and the grated cheese and take a light boil.
  5. Use it as you need.

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