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Chicken dum biryani

This chicken biryani is one of the memorable  recipe for me.I borrowed this recipe from my best friend  Lakshmi kudua’s mother,Purnima aunty,18 years back and have been preparing it since then.Purnima aunty is a pure vegetarian who cooks excellent non vegetarian dishes.This is the first handwritten recipe in my recipe book which I noted when I just got engaged and was busy collecting recipes.Those were the days where non veg cooking  (chicken) was banned at my Amma’s place.But gradually permission was granted.This dish is loaded with aromatic spices. This is a super hit biryani and is one of my signature dish.

Ingredients for the yellow rice:

India gate Basmathi rice-2 cups
Water -3 ½ cups
Onions-3 slit lengthwise
Yellow food color- ¼ tsp

For the white rice:
Basmathi rice-1 cup
Ghee -2tbsp
Salt-to taste

Deep fried onions-2

Ingredients for the gravy:
Chicken -1 ½ kg
Poppy seeds-1tsp
Coriander seeds-3tbsp
Cumin seeds-1/4tsp
Cinnamon-1/2 “
Coriander leaves- 2 cups (use only leaves)
Mint leaves-2 cups(use only leaves)
Green chillies-20 (slit)
Tomatoes-4 (chopped)
Ghee -3tbsp

To be ground into paste separately:
Almonds-1/2 cup
Cashews-1/2 cup

Saffron-a pinch soaked in milk (3-4 tsp) for the final part.

Method for the yellow rice:
1)Wash the rice and keep it aside.
2)Take ghee in a pan and fry onions till light red in color.
3)Then add  the washed rice and  the whole spices ,cashews,raisins,and fry for a minute.
4)Add salt ,food color and water.
5)Take exactly one whistle and off the flame.
6)Open the lid once the pressure releases.
7)Transfer the rice onto a big plate or a thali and spread it and cool it.
8)This is done to stop cooking and the rice remains grainy.

Method for the white rice: 
1)Take 2tbsp ghee in a cooker and fry the onions till light red in color.
2)Then add the  washed rice and salt to taste.
3)Take a whistle and off  the flame.
4)Once the pressure releases open the lid immediately and spread it on a big plate to cool.
5)You can add spices and dry fruits if you want.

Method for the gravy:
1)Grind the ingredients from poppy seeds to cardamom.
2)In a pan ,add ghee and fry the onions till little pinkish in color.
3)Then add mint leaves and coriander leaves and saute for 3-4 minutes.
4)Add green chillies and saute for 3-4 minutes
5)Add the ground masala and  fry for sometime.
6)Next add tomatoes,turmeric pd,chicken and salt to taste.
7)I add very little water only if required because chicken releases water.
8)Take a boil and simmer it and cook till done.
9)Lastly add cashew and almond paste and take a small boil.
10)The gravy should be thick and dry.
11)Once it is cooked 3/4th  cooked higher the flame.

Final part:

1)Take a deep bottomed borosil bowl.
2)First layer yellow rice and then spread white rice.
3)Then spread the gravy.
4)Repeat the layers ,final layer should be yellow rice.
5)Lastly spread saffron milk.
6)Garnish deep fried onions.
7)Close it with the cling film and micro for 7 minutes.

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  1. Wow ,lovely briyani ,its my favourite

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