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Puri or Poori is a popular breakfast all over India and  we,GSB’s prepare it with potato bhaji more often.This is a very common recipe so I delayed it till now.But I felt my blog is incomplete without this famous dish.There are lot of combos served with puri like puri-sagoo,puri-kurma,puri-chana masala ,Puri-shrikand,Puri-Aamras etc.But the fast moving combo is Puri -bhaji.I will update this post with different combos as and when I prepare the same.Puri is served in most of the functions too.Most of the kids relish it very well…March month is a very difficult month since the atmosphere is filled with  exams,exams and only exams.So I have already started digging my albums to post new recipes which I hadn’t posted so far.Waiting to cook many bookmarked goodies.Until then stay tuned 🙂

Wheat flour-2 cups approx
Water-1 cup
Water-as much as needed to knead the dough
Salt-to taste
Sugar-a pinch
Oil-to deep fry


  1. Add water in a wide bowl,add salt and sugar and mix it until it dissolves.
  2. Add flour little by little and knead it into medium soft dough.
  3. See that the dough is not sticky nor too hard.
  4. Pinch lemon sized ball,make it into balls,slightly flatten it  and roll it into small discs about 5-6 cm in diameter as shown in the picture.
  5. Roll it medium thin, not too thick nor too thin.
  6. Heat oil and slide the puris in the hot oil,using a perforated ladle press the puri at the centre to puff up and turn it to the opposite side and fry until golden yellow for few seconds.
  7. Transfer it into a colander where the kitchen tissue is laid to absorb the excess oil.
  8. Adjust the flame when you drop the puri’s in oil.
  9. If the puri’s are puffed  right it means it is perfect.
  10. Serve the puri hot .

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