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Avnaas Ambe Saasam(Pineapple and Mango curry)

Avnaas Ambe Saasam is a super hit dish in every GSB’s house.It is most often prepared during the Mango season.Any Weddings or function this dish will be the star of the show.Commonly it is relished cold.In Konkani,Avnaas means Pine apple and Ambo(Ambe) means Mango.Mild coconut based masala is added to the fruits.This dish is a combination of sweet and sour taste.I call this dish  as masala fruit salad.Recently it came to my awareness that few also  season the dish with mustard and curry leaves and  would want to try that variation some  day.Served best as a side dish.

Pineapple chunks-1 cup
Mango-2  sweet big sized,chopped
Red grapes-5-6
Green grapes-5-6
Sugar-1/2 cup or to taste*
Salt-pinch or to taste
Ingredients for the masala:
Coconut-1 cup
Roasted short red chilly -2
Mustard-1/2 tsp


  1. Transfer all the fruits in a wide bowl,add sugar,mix it well with a spoon and keep it aside
  2. Grind coconut,red chillies and tamarind coarsely adding very little water may be few tbsp at a time.
  3. Lastly add mustard seeds and grind it further for a minute.
  4. The masala should be coarse and dry,so don’t add too much water.
  5. Add  the ground masala in the fruit mixture,salt to taste and mix it well.
  6. Serve it as a side dish chilled or at room temperature.

My notes:
You may also add jaggery instead of sugar.
You may also slightly boil the pine apple and add.
The curry doesn’t last longer so refrigerate it until use or use it soon since the curry is not cooked.
You may also season the curry with mustard seeds and curry leaves in a tsp of oil.
The same masala is used in Kuvale Saasam(Ash gourd curry,but cooked and seasoned).
During Mango off season,you may also substitute this dish with Papaya.

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