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Goli bajo/baje1

‘Nale raje goli baje’.Well, these are the  popular lines hummed by most of us Mangaloreans when a holiday was declared  in  the school for the next day, where ‘Nale raje is a Kannada term which means ‘tomorrow is a holiday so feast with Goli baje’.You’ll guessed it right. Today I’m going to share a popular Mangalorean dish,  Goli bajo or Goli baje,recipe adapted from Kudpi maam.In Konkani we say Goli bajo and in Kannada it is said Goli baje….Tried it yesterday for evening snacks and got full marks by my kids,hub and other family members.Prepared it exactly as per the recipe and came out very good.I prepared  coriander leaves chutney as a combination which complimented the dish very well. Kudpimaam says  that the  batter turns like a chewing gum consistency after an hour fermentation and it did turn to be that way.Goli bajo puffed well with golden brown  in colour. Goli baje’s are soft and  little elastic in texture but tastes very good. Don’t worry with the shape too…Best relished when hot.

Recipe adapted from:Kudpirajsgaramtawa
Original recipe:Jaya V Shenoys recipe book

All purpose flour- 2 cups
Bengal gram flour-1/2 cup(Chana flour)
Buttermilk-1/2 cup
Water-1/2 cup
Sugar-2-3 tsp
Green chillies-4,minced
Ginger-1 tsp,minced
Salt- to taste
Cooking soda-1 tsp
Oil- to deep fry
Water-to dip your hands


  1. Mix together buttermilk,water,salt,sugar, cooking soda ,minced green chillies and ginger.
  2. Add maida,gram flour and prepare the butter to a thick consistency.
  3. Add in more buttermilk if the the batter becomes too dry or vice versa.
  4. Ferment it for an hour.
  5. Heat oil,dip your fingers(hand) in water and take a tbsp of batter(lemon sized) with your four fingers and drop it slowly in oil by  pushing the batter in the oil with the help of your thumb.(Remember Phonsa Mulik,same method.)
  6. Fry it on both the sides until golden brown in colour by adjusting the flame.
  7. Transfer the goli bajes in a kitchen towel to drain excess oil any.
  8. Serve it hot with chutney.

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