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Set dosa

I had tasted set dosa several times in South Indian restaurants as a kid.I used to find it very difficult to finish the whole set, as set dosa is always served in a set of 3 dosa’s.Set dosa sets well in our stomach too,yes it is  a very filling breakfast.I adopted this recipe from Anjana ji’s blog.The minute she has posted I had decided to prepare it and added in my to do list.This recipe is definitely a keeper.

Recipe adapted from:Maayeka

Dosa rice-3 cups
Beaten rice-3/4 cup(poha)
Urad dal-1/4 cup
Sabudana or tapioca pearls-1 1/2 tbsp
Fenugreek seeds-1 tsp
Curds-3/4 cup
Water-1 1/2 cup
Cooking soda-1/2 tsp
Salt- to taste
Sugar-1 tsp


  1. Soak dosa rice,urad dal,fenugreek seeds and sabudana for 3-4 hours.
  2. Soak beaten rice separately for 10 minutes.
  3. Wash the soaked ingredients well,drain water and add beaten rice.
  4. Mix curds and water together and make buttermilk.
  5. Grind the soaked ingredients with the buttermilk to a fine batter.
  6. Ferment it overnight by adding salt,sugar and cooking soda.
  7. Next morning spread a ladle of batter and take thick dosa.
  8. Fry on both the sides smearing oil before turning the dosa.
  9. Serve it hot with chutney.

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  1. we make this so often!! never knew its called set dosa lolz

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