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Shevai , Konkani special

Shevai is nothing but string hoppers or Idiyappam of Kerala and Tamil Nadu . This is one of the post that got buried and I was searching it desperately in the published posts because I  believed that I had already drafted it . Finally I found the pictures in one of the folder and I thought of sharing it to the earliest . Shevai is a typical G.S .B  dish served often as a breakfast . There are different variations of the recipe . Today I’m sharing one of the common recipe which we prepare which is  my Mamama’s (maternal grandma) recipe . 

Shevai is served with different types of combinations like coconut oil , Hinga uda , hinga soyi , pickle , sweet coconut milk or narla rosu ,egg curry ,dali thoy etc .The combinations are endless. It also compliments well with Sungta hinga uda , batate hinga uda , kolombo , butter chicken , green peas masala  etc .  Shevai is also prepared with coconut which tastes simply great . 

In earlier days the only entertainment were ‘ guests’ who would stay for a long time and would have a gala time with their near and dear one’s . And Shevai was prepared when the time would come for the guests to bid farewell for the reasons unknown .

As kid pressing  ‘shevai ‘ was my favourite job and Amma wouldn’t get  tired of singing praises as though full procedure was done by me .. Coming back to the Shevai press one can easily find in any steel store .


DSCN8793 DSCN8815

Recipe courtesy : My late Mamama


Red rice – 3 cups

White rice – 1 cup

Salt – to taste

Method :

  1. Soak both the rice together for 4-5 hours in enough water  .
  2. Once soaked wash it well and grind it to a smooth batter .
  3. Transfer it in a thick bottomed vessel and add salt to taste .
  4. Add water and adjust the consistency .
  5. Keep stirring  until it turns into a thick dough and leaves the sides of the pan.
  6. Once done apply water to your palms and make long shaped balls .
  7. Make a depression in the centre with your index finger .
  8. Steam the balls for 25 minutes .
  9. Take a shevai press and make shevai when it is steaming hot .
  10. Once the balls cool it becomes difficult to press shevai .
  11. Take a wide plate and arrange a damp cloth .
  12. Arrange the shevai over the damp cloth .
  13. Serve it hot .
  14. Once cool you may transfer it in a wide box .

My notes :

  • For those who find step 4 difficult ignore it and transfer the batter in 2 plates .
  • Steam it for 30 minutes approx turning in between or until done .
  • Rest follow the same method as above .
  • I have ignored posting the picture of the ‘shevai press ‘since I didn’t get a good shot .

Pictorial presentation :

DSCN8751 DSCN8752 DSCN8756 DSCN8759 DSCN8760

DSCN8765 DSCN8767 DSCN8772 DSCN8778 DSCN8781


DSCN8777 DSCN8786



DSCN8817 DSCN8819

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  1. Is there something called a Shevai spatula? Wow! I am a big time shevai lover but rarely make it myself.Was just going through Shevai posts and came across this.Love it!

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