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Mothiyale/Kane pannaphakri

Mothiyale means Silver fish and Kane means Lady fish.This dish is as same as Raja pannaphkari.You may prepare it  either with Silver fish or Lady fish.For lady fish we remove the outer skin.The fish mongar will do that for you.Some prepare the curry with the skin intact.But I prefer to remove it.Both the fish are very good in taste and both have similar taste.Both are river fish.Lady fish is most commonly seen during monsoon season.Few days back I had posted mothiyale piyavu pannha,same may be prepared with lady fish too.You have to drop the fish in the gravy once it starts to boil and see that you don’t put spatula often to mix the same.Hold the sides of the vessel with a napkin and then slightly mix it.The fish curry always tastes good the next day since it releases all its juices and enhances the taste.It tastes even better when cooked in an earthen vessel.Both the dish goes well with boiled or white rice.

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Here are few of the pictures.

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  1. One yum fish curry, makes me crave for it now 🙂 inviting and tempting clicks too

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