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Sweet Kichdi

Hello dear readers! First of all here’s wishing all my lovely readers a very happy new year! Well ,  I wanted to post plum cake recipe but due to some unexpected incidents I could not blog for sometime . I will post the same in the coming days . Blogging is my passion and I will share interesting recipes this year too . To start the year with a sweet note  I would like to share my first post of a sweet recipe which is called as ‘godi kichdi ‘or ‘sweet kichdi’ . This is a traditional g.s.b recipe and there are few variations of the same . I will share one variation today which is my personal favourite and this is my mamama’s recipe . I had hand written mamama’s recipe more than a decade back and I cross checked the same with my aunt . Stay tuned for interesting recipes !

Recipe credit : Mamama and Laxmi Padiyar


Ingredients :

Broken wheat – 1 cup

Chana dal – 2 cup

Sugar – 2-3 cups approx (2 is better)

Coconut –  2 cups approx (use only the white part, tender the coconut better the taste )

Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp

Tender cashewnuts – 1/4 cup , cooked separately (optional)

Roasted dry fruits – handful


  1. Take a pressure cooker, dry roast broken wheat for few minutes.
  2. Wash the roasted broken wheat .
  3. Cook it in a pressure cooker for 2 whistles.
  4. It cooks very fast.
  5. Dry roast chana dal separately for 2 minutes .
  6. Cook it separately until right cooked.
  7. Mix both the cooked ingredients .
  8. Cook it for 2 more minutes.
  9. Add sugar and cook it well .
  10. Keep stirring in between and keep on high flame to thicken.
  11. Add grated coconut and cook further until it thickens .
  12. Add cooked cashewnuts , cardamom powder and dry fruits .
  13. Serve it hot with a dash of ghee.

My notes :

  • Use tender coconut for better taste .
  • Add sugar only after the dals are cooked because once sugar is added dal cannot be cooked .
  • Adjust sugar according to your taste .
  • Mine became slightly sweeter .
  • You may serve it with chopped bananas also.
  • It is also served with urad dal dosa .
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