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Kaju kathli

After 2 disasters with 2 different measurements,finally I succeeded in my third attempt.So try try until you succeed ,never give up……This  is what I followed like an obedient student…..Kaju kathli is an Indian sweet similar to barfi. Kaju means cashewnuts.Generally it is shaped into diamond shape but since I wanted to try something different I used the cookie cutter to shape this beautiful kathlis.I had bookmarked this recipe in my recipe book few days back but had misplaced it and yesterday I found it and immediately wanted to prepare it.I also thank my fb group friends for inspiring me to try this Kathli.This recipe is very easy to prepare.So enjoy this lip smacking sweet.

Milkmaid- ½ tin(200ml)
Maida- 50gm(1/3 cup approax)
Kaju(cahewnuts)- 150gm(1 cup)
Milk- ½ cup
Khoa- 150gm(3/4 cup approax)
Ghee-to grease the thali

  1. Crush kaju to a fine powder.
  2. Put all the ingredients together and grind to a smooth paste.
  3. Transfer to a thick bottomed kadai and cook on a slow fire till the mixture starts leaving the sides and forms a ball.(use a nonstick for better results)
  4. Put the mixture in a greased  tray(backside) and roll out thinly with the rolling pin (   1/8”) , cool and cut into diamond shapes.
  5. I used the cookie cutters to give the shapes.
  6. Store it in a refrigerator .
My notes:
The dough should be like soft chapathi dough.

Some pictures:

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