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Palak and methi paratha

One more paratha ,Greeny, greeny,that too a very healthy one.I borrowed this recipe from my bhabhi Santoshi.Last week she had parceled the paratha s and my kids had a competition on eating it,and next day I had to prepare it.And why not ?These paratha s are so healthy.No compromise when it comes to health. Palak and methi are loaded with  full of nutrients.This paratha is one of the best paratha with the greens.You may also add  methi leaves  directly  to the dough and add curds or milk while kneading the dough.These paratha s turned super soft and tasty.If you  want the paratha s to be soft,once you fry it, immediately transfer it into the hot case and close the lid or you may also put it in a container and close the lid .This tip can be followed for the  chapatis too.

Palak(spinach)-1 bunch
Methi(fenugreek)-1 cup,washed and chopped
Green chilly-3
Whole wheat flour-2 cups(approx)
Onion-1,chopped finely
Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
Sugar-tad bit
Butter-2 tsp (to knead)
Oil – 2 tsp

  1. Wash palak, blanch it in hot water and grind it to a paste  with green chillies.
  2. Meanwhile heat oil and fry onions until translucent,add methi leaves and  add turmeric powder,salt to taste,pinch of sugar and saute until methi leaves gets cooked.
  3. Take a wide bowl and mix methi mixture and palak mixture together,salt to taste,butter and add whole wheat flour little by little and make a soft dough,cover and keep it aside for 20  minutes.
  4. Don’t add all the flour at once.
  5. Make small rounds,and roll it into thin chapatis carefully .
  6. Heat a griddle and fry it on both the sides until both the sides until brown spot appear.
  7. You may also add chopped spring onions while sauteing methi leaves.
  8. I served it with  Palak paneer.

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  1. thanks, dear for trying out this healthy paratha:)

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