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Bounshe randai( Dried Anchovies curry),Monsoon special

This is a popular GSB curry prepared often during rainy season. Bounshe means dried Anchovies and randai means curry as in Konkani. The curry tastes good if hog plums or raw mangoes are added which gives a little tangy taste.It is very tasty to suck the hog plums once the curry is ready since it absorbs all the juices in the gravy.This curry takes me back to my childhood days where Amma used to prepare this curry often for my bro,yes,I wasn’t eating dry fish much then.My favourite part in the curry is garlic.I add lots of garlic in the curry when I prepare it and pick it exclusively and relish it.Best served with Ukde seeth(boiled red rice).

Anchovies-2 cups
Hog plums-5-6 *see note
Salt – to taste
Coconut oil-1tsp
Ingredients for the masala:
Coconut-1 1 /2 cups
Roasted short red chillies-5
Roasted long red chillies-3


  1. Grind all the ingredients mentioned in the list to a fine paste.
  2. Pinch the heads and tails from the anchovies and discard it.
  3. Wash the fish several times in water until you get clean water or you may also soak the fish for few minutes in water and then clean it.
  4. Wash the hog plums well,and smash it slightly with the help of a pounding stone.
  5. Now add salt to taste,hog plums, ground masala,garlic and water to the fish and adjust the consistency.
  6. Keep it on flame and take a boil,keep it in  simmer for 7- 8 minutes and cook it well.
  7. Off the flame and add coconut oil as garnish,
  8. Relish it hot with boiled red rice.

You may add  marble sized tamarind instead of hog plums.
Raw mangoes also can be added.
Be cautious while adding salt to the curry since dried fish has lot salt content.

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  1. Looks delicious Saigeetha.

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