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Black forest cake (Eggless)

Black forest cake or its origin as the German say “Schwarzwalder Kirschtore “aka Black forest gateau  is a rich creamy cake consisting of dense layers of chocolate cake sandwiched with cherries and whipped cream…The Cook Historian says that “It is often prepared with the alcohol”. I was waiting for the occasion to bake this  beauty, so finally I grabbed an opportunity ... Read More »

Zebra cake

Today is the first month anniversary of my space and to make it memorable I thought of baking Zebra cake . This is the third time I’m baking Zebra cake. First time I had baked an eggless version for my birthday, 2nd time for my daughters birthday with eggs and third time  its today. Of course my choice is eggless  over eggs when it ... Read More »

Bake a perfect cake-useful tips

Source-Nita mehta Have all ingredients at room temperature for best results. Measure or weigh the ingredients accurately. Sift dry ingredients well , so that the mixture is aerated. Use the correct size cake tin. Prepare the cake tin before beginning to mix the cake.  Grease tin lightly and dust with flour, tapping out any surplus.  If the cake requires long ... Read More »

Badami nankatai(eggless)

Badami nankatai is nothing but,Indian version of  Almond cookies. Nankatai is  baked in most of the Indian homes.Most importantly this is completely  eggless and can be enjoyed by anyone.This cookie is filled with the aroma of ghee and cardamom flavor.I transformed the traditional  nankatai to badami by adding Badam that is almonds and made the cookie rich in taste.So here I present you’ll one more ... Read More »

Almond choco melts

Diwali ,the festival of lights,the most eagerly awaited festival  is almost nearing  and to welcome the feast I start with this exotic Almond choco melts for the happy occasion.This is a very simple recipe of the fudge which I converted into choco melts.This is ooey and  gooey and it just melts in your mouth.So enjoy this delectable almond choco melts. Ingredients: Milkmaid-400 ... Read More »

Vegetable rulam

Vegetable rulam or rulav is  vegetable upma with loads of vegetables for a healthy breakfast.This rulam is very colorful and eye pleasing.Even kids will relish this without any complaints. Khandwa suji is  the main ingredient in this dish which is nothing but coarse semolina.You may eat it  with any savories like mixture,sev or even with the curds.I learn’t this rulam preparation from my mother in law ... Read More »

Canapes chaat

Happy Karva Chauth ladies!Canapes chaat  is one of the easiest chaat and one of my favorite too.I first tasted this chaat when I was a kid at a friends place,immediately noted the recipe from my her mom and still continue to prepare this for my kids.My kids just enjoy eating this for evening snacks.I prefer home made chaat over street ... Read More »

Motte Randai,Egg Curry

Motte randai as in Konkani  means egg curry. Motte means egg and Randai means curry.This is again my Amma s authentic egg curry and is one among my top list. I like to eat it either with boiled rice or ghee rice. Intake of eggs in your daily diet is very beneficial for the health as it is high in protein. Research ... Read More »

Ghee rice

Ghee rice is a  very rich rice preparation garnished with dry fruits,spices  and infused with the aroma of clarified butter,that is ghee.It is best served with the  egg curry,chicken curry or any vegetarian gravy.This dish  is  my amma’ s recipe and is the best ghee rice in the world and also one of my favorite rice preparation.As far as possible,any ... Read More »

Ragda patties

This is my first chaat dish of this month. Ragda Patties is a very popular Indian fast food. As far as I know it is the  most famous street food  in Mumbai. As a kid, whenever I used to get the news that my dads cousins were coming  to Mangalore from Mumbai, the first thought which used  to come to my mind ... Read More »